Monday, June 15, 2009

Under the Sea

Let me explain my drawing.
The mermaid at the top is called Horny mermaid. She has heart scales and she is trying to attract the fisherman. There's a hook! and it will protrude to her hips. She has a heart shell bra and has very long hair.

To the right is a baby mermaid. He is a boy,hes a month old. He is wearing some puka shells around his neck and has a few spiky hairs. He is laying on his babysitter, snail.

The mermaid near the bottom likes star fish. She protects her starfish named 'Starfish' from Seahorse. Seahorse is hungry trying to eat Starfish.

I drew coral reefs and an oyster shell with a shiny pearl inside.

At the bottom are two love mermaids. They both have two hearts on their fins and as you can see, they make a nice symmetrical heart shape.

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